Social Commerce in Action LinkedIn Live with Gordon Hester

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Social Commerce in Action is LinkedIn’s only live show that brings together thought leaders in the rapidly evolving direct selling industry. Daryl Wurzbacher, CEO of ByDesign, will be going Live on LinkedIn with our industry's leaders on the first and third Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. Eastern time. Follow along on Linkedin!

About ByDesign Technologies:
ByDesign Technologies, a Retail Success company, is a technology solutions company serving the direct-to-consumer corporate market, including affiliate, influencer, social retail, and the direct selling industries. Since 2000, ByDesign has launched nearly 1,000 clients, programed 2,700+ unique compensation plans, processed $7b+ in bonus payments, developed 9,400+ unique promotion conditions, and completed more than 2 million direct selling parties.

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