Reviewing Good & Bad Shopify Landing Pages

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Creating a clean, customer friendly landing page is one of the most important pieces to running a successful dropshipping business.

In this video you'll learn what it really takes to make a professional Shopify Landing Page. I give my personal takes on what I would do to improve the bad stores, and what pieces I might replicate from the good ones.

Ensure, your store DOES NOT resemble the example of the bad stores shown in this video. The idea is to replicate what works with your products to improve your situation, if you feel your store is lacking that professional touch then replicate the best stores concepts with your own brand.

Tip* Copy what the biggest brands are doing. I don't mean plagiarize or steal their ideas word for word, I mean use their designs as inspiration for your stores if in a similar niche.

Customers that land on your store will feel as if it's more trustworthy if your store's layout is similar to big brands.

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