Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack E-Commerce Site | Vue JS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Postman, Express server

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In this video we are going to see Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack site using JavaScript and NodeJS and MongoDB. Postman, Vue JS, Express server are also used in this project. These are the fundamentals of JavaScript Web Development and essential trainings. we will see more and more in upcoming videos.

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Where There is a Will There is a Way ????

Vue JS Projects
JavaScript Full-Stack Site Development
//Chapters and time splits

00:00:00-00:01:04 Create and host a Full-Stack site with Vue.js
00:01:05-00:02:13 What you should know
00:02:14-00:03:31 Install Node.js and npm
00:03:32-00:04:41 What to expect from this course
00:04:42-00:09:09 Why Vue?
00:09:10-00:13:02 Set up and run a Vue project
00:13:03-00:17:10 Vue project structure
00:17:11-00:28:38 Routing in Vue
00:28:39-00:32:48 Add data, styles and images
00:32:49-00:41:43 Create a product page
00:41:44-00:47:28 Create a product detail page
00:47:29-00:55:43 Create a shopping cart page
00:55:44-01:01:45 Create a navigation bar
01:01:46-01:07:10 Create a 404 page in Vue
01:07:11-01:18:18 Use modular components
01:18:19-01:19:29 Challenge: Modular components
01:19:30-01:26:11 Solution: Modular components
01:26:12-01:27:12 Why Node.js?
01:27:13-01:35:37 Set up an Express server
01:35:38-01:42:25 Test servers with Postman
01:42:26-01:45:46 Route parameters in Express
01:45:47-01:54:11 Get data from a server
01:54:12-01:56:59 Use Nodemon to restart a server
01:57:00-02:03:25 Create and delete server data
02:03:26-02:04:42 Why MongoDB?
02:04:43-02:14:23 Download and install MongoDB
02:14:24-02:19:54 Add MongoDB to a Node.js server
02:19:55-02:26:57 Add MongoDB to GET endpoints
02:26:58-02:31:18 Create data in MongoDB
02:31:19-02:36:28 Delete data in MongoDB
02:36:29-02:39:48 Introduction to axios library
02:39:49-02:49:00 Load data from the server, part 1
02:49:01-02:53:49 Load data from the server, part 2
02:53:50-02:58:11 Add items to the shopping cart
02:58:12-03:03:43 Improve the add-to-cart interface
03:03:44-03:10:03 Remove items from the cart
03:10:04-03:12:19 Challenge: Items already in cart
03:12:20-03:17:10 Solution: Items already in cart
03:17:11-03:19:46 The release process
03:19:47-03:24:57 Build and serve a Vue front end
03:24:58-03:32:42 Set up Heroku and MongoDB
03:32:43-03:40:02 Use environment variables in Heroku
03:40:03-03:44:10 Push code to Heroku
03:44:11-03:46:10 Next steps
E commerce Wordpress

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