What Products Should You Sell On Amazon Now? How To Find A Profitable FBA/ FBM Product To Sell!

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Amazon FBA & FBM product research, what categories and types of products should You sell right now on Amazon? With the Coronavirus outbreak, and facing a "new normal", There are certain categories and products that are selling like crazy right now on Amazon, and will continue to sell well! I want to show You exactly what products You should be looking to sell! Also, should You be using Merchant fulfilled/ Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)?

I want to help You find a profitable Amazon FBA/ FBM product that You can launch and make that first sale soon! There are millions more people shopping on Amazon and more active Prime members than ever before, now is the perfect time to start your Amazon Business!

In today's video, I share with You my top 3-5 categories and what products You should sell, RIGHT NOW! Make sure to watch the video at least 75%+ of the way through as I have a surprise somewhere in the video for each of You who watch all of it! Hint....products You should/can sell?

-Thanks for watching Everyone, Hope You enjoy!

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