What is eBay? | A Brief History of eBay | Policies of eBay | Things to know about eBay | #ebay

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eBay has 159 million users globally. Compared to eBay, Amazon has a large number of active sellers which means a buyer can have a large variety of products which is why eBay is drastically losing its sellers to Amazon.

From the very beginning, eBay has been very prestigious and gained a great position when one is talking about second-hand goods. If you are looking for pre-owned products, then go for eBay

Return Policies
When it comes to returning policy eBay offer 30 days return policy. If your item does not match with the description or it is not the one shown in the picture or video or contains a slight difference then you can consider their return policy as your savior.
Refund Policies
eBay has a great money-back guarantee that makes sure customers receive the item they ordered or get an easy refund. All you have to do is go to your eBay purchase history and request a refund, and send the product back.

Delivery Time
When it comes to estimated shipping time both Amazon and eBay quite resemble. eBay shipment time varies from the same working day to up to 30 working days

eBay is an auction site. eBay deals with both used and unused both types of products. If we compare the prices of both then the prices of Amazon are visibly higher compared to eBay.

On conditioning, eBay lay on more scammers as there are not many strict policies for sellers. Some of the sellers have products that are of higher cost but they unbelievingly lowered the prices which is an indication of fraud or scam.
eBay is the marketplace having cheaper products but has slightly low quality as compared to Amazon

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