Transwoman Turns Entrepreneur & Sets Up Cafe in UP

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Individuals from the transgender community have been taking different non-conventional career paths. These career decisions break the stereotype but also empower the community. One such story is of a 27-year-old employee-turned-entrepreneur transwoman from Bihar. Urooz Hussain set up her cafe named 'Street Temptation' in Uttar Pradesh's Noida at Sector 119. Urooz said that it was to inspire members from her community to work towards earning a dignified living. Urooz shared that she had experienced workplace harassment which led her to establish her own business to promote a culture of equality.

She said, "I was subjected to harassment at my workplaces so I decided to start my own cafe that treats everyone equally. I hope this will inspire others from my community. I was born as a boy, but later realised that even though I have a male body, my feelings are like a girl. It resulted in questioning about my identity in my teens. My male relatives used to bully me a lot. My father is strict, he had created a boundary within which I needed to behave as a boy. This was not okay with me. I used to play with dolls when I was young. I interacted more with girls than with boys. So, I left my hometown in 2013 and shifted to Delhi and started my transition as a transwoman.”

She added,” "People always think all transgenders just beg, clap and are sex workers. But this is not true.” Hussain further explained that she was harassed , made fun of and bullied by her colleagues. This affected her confidence and morale. However, she decided not to give up and took the step to start her own restaurant. She added that due to the financial difficulties during lockdown she even thought about selling the restaurant. But she had some savings which she had given to doctors for her surgery, she took that back and continued to run the restaurant. She further added that any job-seeking transperson could approach to work at her restaurant and can work freely and happily without any discrimination.

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