TikTok Shop Breaking Down the New eCommerce Announcements

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TikTok Shop Breaking Down the New eCommerce Announcements

This week on Marketing O’Clock. POV: TikTok finally gets eCommerce features that brands have been waiting for. YouTube rolls out “simplified” ad controls that are simply misleading. Traditional ad spend is growing “under the influence”r ad spend. Plus, We have no “issues” with Merchant Center integrated reports in GSC.

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Intro - 00:00
???? Main News - 
TikTok Shop Launches With In-Feed Video, Live Shopping, And Creator Benefits - 5:00
YouTube Simplified Ad Control - 10:22
Influencer Ad Spend is Now Growing Faster than Traditional Ad Investment - 14:26
Google Search Console Rolling Out New Merchant Center Integrated Reports -  18:25
???? Take of the Week - PPC Greg - 19:59
???? ICYMI - Simo Ahava  - 21:38
⚡ Lightning Round ⚡ 
Paid - 22:39
Organic - 35:03
Social -  52:38 
⚙️ Working hard, or Hardly Working - 1:00:34
????️ Cool Tool - 1:02:58
???? Must Read Marketing Article of the Week - 1:04:09
???? Shootin' The Heck (Pumpkin Trivia) - 1:06:31
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