The Biggest Mistakes E-Commerce Brands Make With YouTube Ads | YouTube Ads For E-Commerce Q&A

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In this video, Shash goes over the three biggest mistakes Ecom brands make when trying to run Youtube Ads for e-commerce.

00:00 Introduction
00:57 Mistake #1: Not investing enough in video creative.
01:53 Mistake #2: Lack of Grit.
02:58 Mistake #3: Not having a high AOV product.

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About this video:
In this video Shash goes over the three most common mistakes ecom brands make when running YT Ads. This is not a complete guide that explains how to do youtube ad marketing for e-commerce in detail. If you own an ecommerce brand, and you are already advertising on youtube or even if you are new to youtube advertising, you’ll find this video incredibly valuable. You’ll learn about high level youtube ad strategy and why you should invest more in video ads for ecommerce. This video is not a youtube advertising tutorial where you will learn how to start your first youtube ads campaign and which audiences to target with youtube ads. You'll learn about the mistakes you must avoid if you are an ecommerce brand running Youtube Ads.
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