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Effective Ecommerce Podcast:

In this episode of the effective ecommerce podcast we're going to be talking about social media marketing. Specifically the big three or four the big three would be Facebook Pinterest and Instagram in my opinion those three I think are the best for internet marketing. We'll also talk a little bit about YouTube but I think YouTube's so important and such a big topic and to me it's almost outside of this idea of social media its own separate beast so in the next episode we'll dive in deep into YouTube but in this episode we're really going to focus on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and in my opinion it's in that order that they are as useful as they are so I think in Instagram is the most useful Pinterest is the second most important and Facebook is the least out of those three most important and the reason for that is there's a lot of different reasons but one of them is that Facebook it's kind of pay to play now and we'll dive in deeper what I mean by this later it used to be awesome for internet marketing but the problem with it now is that they make money a lot of money off their advertising so if you're just posting and you're not paying they don't really give you a lot of exposure so that's a really important point but let's talk about some of the general strategy so you probably know what social media is if you don't I don't know even living under a rock or something like that but social media is basically just a way for people to connect on the Internet to share things that they're interested in so Instagram really it was really important for sharing photos but now it's also starting to share videos same thing with Facebook was a way to connect with other people share photos and now videos also is becoming very important Pinterest is a little bit different it's almost like a scrap I don't know if scrapbooks the right word but it's basically a place where more than anything women tend to get together and they can share they can pin ideas for recipes pin ideas for different clothing pin ideas on a bunch of different stuff I mean there are some men that use it but very few from what I can tell I've never really used it out of personal use but the perfect use case I think for Pinterest is if you are my sister was recently she had wedding and she wanted she had a bunch of different ideas so she had a board or she just was atom put all our different ideas like these centerpieces she likes this whatever another one might be recipes you might have a board of paleo recipes and we'll talk more about all this later in this episode but it might be if you have a paleo diet you follow the Paleo diet and you want to a board or you can pin all the different recipes and that ‘show those are important so let's talk about a general strategy for all the different social media platforms first the general strategy that seems to work the best is Gary Vaynerchuk who has a few different books he's on YouTube you can check him out he talks about Jab Jab Jab right hook and so what does this mean it means give good content give good content give more good content and then ask for the sale so in boxing you jab you jab jab and then you find the right hook you're not trying to knock someone out with the jab you ‘retrying to knock someone out with the right hook obviously that's a kind of an aggressive metaphor but with social media the idea isn't to constantly be asking saying hey % offer go buy our products hey go
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