Sign of a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR - Motivational Video by Faiez Seyal on Business in 2022 Lessons

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Sign of a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR - Motivational Video by Faiez Seyal on Business in 2022 Lessons

This video elaborates on a life of a successful entrepreneur and the Crux of the Entrepreneurship Mindset and what it SHOULD BE in 2022. It helps the viewer understand the reason of the Rise and Fall of a Business and gives motivation on how to cope with the Stress and Depression in the fall season of ones Business.

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Sir Faiez Hassan Seyal has been changing lives through his wisdom-packed seminars, talks, workshops, retreats since 1993. He has always been a media-shy person owing to his personality and mostly has tried to avoid the camera wherever possible. He has written books and recorded audio that has benefited the world on a great scale.
Due to the growing trend of video viewing and the death of book reading amongst the younger generation, a lot of requests from his fans have pushed us to upload videos of Sir Faiez and his talks, no matter how old the videos are, or where they were captured or what their quality is.
We are in the process of collecting old videos of Sir Faiez from his long-standing die-hard fans who had videotaped him personally. Please be patient as most of these videos have been recorded unprofessionally by participants and Sir Faiez's fans so the video and audio qualities may vary.
Since 2019, we have professionally started covering Faiez Hassan Seyal's talks and will keep uploading them regularly for your benefit. So please stay tuned and enjoy as the videos keep rolling in.

We thank you for your co-operation.

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