Should You Sell on Amazon?

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There are as almost as many reasons not to sell on Amazon as there are reasons to sell. Here's why you should consider Amazon, despite the tradeoffs.

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00:00 Intro
01:27 Importance of Amazon Reviews
02:19 Should You Incentivize Reviews?
03:27 Trading Reduced Customer Interaction for More Sales
05:12 You Can't Direct People to Your Own Website
05:42 You Must Put Considerable Effort into Growing Your Listing
06:12 Negative Reviews Hurt, But Some Are OK
06:36 The Customer's Perspective
07:08 Make Customer Support a Priority
08:18 The Upside of Selling on Amazon
08:30 You Can Make a Lot of Money
08:54 It's Hands-Off but Not Passive
09:24 Amazon Advertising is Simpler than Google/Facebook
10:14 Reiterating the Importance of Reviews
10:42 Some People Still End Up on Your Website
12:06 Conclusion

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