Prettiest Medieval Village in Exmoor: DUNSTER Medieval Village, Somerset

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If you are in search of a Medieval Village then you might not think of Somerset, but Dunster Medieval Village is certainly the most pretty medieval village in Exmoor. Join us as we take a walk around the beautiful medieval village and show you some of the sights and history. We'll even head out of town to some of the other attractions in the area, like the ruins of Cleeve Abbey and the tallest tree in England! Not forgetting a walk in the fishing village of Watchet. There is so much to see you will want to spend a few days in this area.
Thanks to for inviting us down to showcase this area.
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With thanks to and google earth for use of images
00:00 Introduction
00:30 Getting to Dunster
01:08 West St
02:58 St George Church
05:56 Village Gardens
07:04 Conygar Tower
07:50 Old Nunnery
08:34 Dunster Castle
08:58 Dunster High St
09:50 Yarn Market
11:05 Luttrell Arms
11:56 Exmoor National Park Centre
12:31 Dunster Museum
13:47 Mill Lane
14:56 Gallox Bridge
16:35 Tallest Tree in England
18:50 Cleeve Abbey
23:20 Watchet Fishing Town
26:30 Next Time

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