Parvaz Ki Peheli Diwali - Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul - Ep 55 - Full Episode - 24 Oct 2022

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Episode 55: Parvaz Ki Peheli Diwali
Mariam is thinking about leaving Ali and the kids and she feels sad. She has managed to gather some money which she plans on leaving for Ali so that he can use those. For kids also she has got some gifts for them which she gives them and they are shocked to see her behaving like this. Ali is unaware of what Mariam is planning behind his back and is obliviously teasing her. Simsim is desperate to bring her lover back to life and she summons a spirit for guidance. What will the spirit tell her? Watch to find out

Show Name – Ali Baba - Dastaan-e-Kabul
Star Cast – Sheezan M Khan, Tunisha Sharma, Karthik Jayaram, Rajdeep Singh Kharoud, Priyanka Negi, Rumi Khan
Episodes No - 55, 24 Oct 2022
Produced By - Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez

#AliBabaDastaan-E-Kabul #अलीबाबादास्ताँ-ऐ-काबुल #SAB

About Pushpa Impossible:
The show is a tale of an alluring young man, Alibaba, with unbending confidence and bewitching charm. He is the overseer of five adorable orphans. Heedless of his potentiality and downgraded by fate, Alibaba will be seen embarking on a miraculous search that will revamp his life forever. Ali Baba, a young orphan from the Mamuli Gali of Kabul, faces innumerable struggles and conquered confrontations as he cares for five children. The story is based on Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves.

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Parvaz Ki Peheli Diwali - Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul - Ep 55 - Full Episode - 24 Oct 2022
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