Moroccan Barber Shop, Trim and Shave - Very Smooth Blade Skills!!

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Moroccan Barber Shop, Trim and Shave - Very Smooth Blade Skills!!

Your hair might need a bit of styling after traveling for a while abroad. In Morrocco, the barber’s blade skills are no joke. You might want to get a fresh haircut there from one of the local barbershops.

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Discussing evening plans
0:20 - On the way to the Barbershop
1:48 - Arrival
2:04 - Baber’s tools preparation
2:26 - Barber begins with a haircut
2:45 - Barber starts shaving the beard
3:28 - Finishing touches for the shave
3:37 - Finishing up the full top haircut
4:10 - Outro

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