Making £120,000 In A Month With Amazon FBA | How I Got My Amazon FBA Business To 6-Figures A Month

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La méthode pour gagner deux milles euros par mois avec des séminaires

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This month marks an important milestone in my e-commerce journey – I've grown my Amazon FBA business to £120k in revenues in 30 days!

This was all achieved achieved selling my own brand of products with Amazon FBA, something that I started doing in September 2018.

I’ve now gotten my business to a point where it generates me 5 figures of profit each month on autopilot, and whilst that hasn't been a walk in the park, it's been a lot of fun which I've been able to share with you guys over the past 4 years (when I first started uploading).

In this video, I'll run through my 5 'success factors', which I think contributed a lot to me getting to this point.

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