Jason Feifer: Future-Proof Your Career and Unlock Opportunities with an Entrepreneur's Mindset

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Learn how to become more adaptable and make the most of your future with the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and champion of change, Jason Feifer.

Too many people are stuck in the past: old ideas, old technologies, and old ways of living. When we don’t embrace change, we don’t grow or evolve. Accepting change and using it to fuel our growth is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves in every area of our lives.

But how can we resist our natural inkling toward predictability and become comfortable with change?

To answer that question, Hala invited Jason Feifer, a champion of change, onto the Young and Profiting podcast. Jason is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine. He hosts two podcasts that focus on taking hold of change and using it to your advantage. He’s also the author of the newly released book, Build For Tomorrow, which outlines how to use the power of change to your advantage using wisdom from some of the brightest minds in the world.

In this episode of YAP, Hala and Jason talk about how entrepreneurial thinking differs from the rest of the population and how embracing entrepreneurial thinking can help you find more opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen, even if you’re not an entrepreneur. They explain how to stack your skills in order to open new doors for yourself, why we resist change, and how humanity has resisted change throughout history. He also explains how we can use failure as data and view new situations as temporary experiments rather than permanent commitments.

???? Timestamps ????
00:00 - Intro
01:56 - How well do you really know your audience?
04:40 - Why Jason renamed one of his podcasts
07:00 - Opportunity Set B
14:15 - Parkinson’s Law
15:09 - The truth about time management
17:20- Defining traits of an entrepreneur
27:07 - Seeing loss as an opportunity
34:21 - The 1907 Teddy bear crisis
47:54 - Viewing opportunities as temporary experiments
50:09 - Using failure as data
58:40- Jason’s actionable advice for becoming more profitable

Jason Feifer is the Editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and champion of change. He has led an extensive career as a journalist, working at publications such as Fast Company, Men’s Health, and Maxim Magazine. He hosts two podcasts: Build For Tomorrow and Problem Solver.

Earlier this year, he released a book called Build For Tomorrow that outlines how humanity has rejected and embraced change over time. His goal is to help you become more resilient and adaptable in a world of constant change — so you can seize new opportunities before anyone else does!

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➡️ Build For Tomorrow podcast: https://www.jasonfeifer.com/build-for-tomorrow/ :
➡️ Jason’s website: https://www.jasonfeifer.com
➡️ Jason’s Book, Build For Tomorrow: https://www.jasonfeifer.com/book/

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Enjoy the show!

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