Ivan Ivanov Serial Entrepreneur Co-Founder of Digital Week Online

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Ivan Ivanov is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Digital Week Online with more than 15 years experience in business management and development. Ivan’s expertise coverage - e-commerce, EduTech, B2C marketing, F&B, cross-border trading, manufacturing.

Ivan Ivanov Biography

Ivan Ivanov is the co-founder of #DigitalWeekOnline and serial entrepreneur. With 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Ivan started in Russia, where he founded and was involved in different sectors ranging from hospitality to real estate and technology. In 2015 Ivan Ivanov moved to Hong Kong, China and was involved in different innovation projects in the manufacturing sector, technology, blockchain, and digital events. Ivan Ivanov was born in the city of Kazanluk, Bulgaria and grew up in a town called Gurkovo.

Ivan Ivanov's first experience with blockchain and crypto was in 2018 when he joined Enecuum ENQ as a Board Member. As Board Member of Enecuum ENQ, he helped the company build their decentralized environment and blockchain protocol, based on HyperDAG architecture. Enecuum ENG supported high quantity Tps, mobile phones nodes, private chains and building solutions for supply chains, fintech, governments, telecom and many other industries. In 2021 he became Business Development Advisor.

As an entrepreneur, one of his most important projects is UPSTUDY GROUP, which he founded in 2014. UPSTUDY GROUP is an International education platform. Full package of services for private tutors, educational centers, students and parents. Online and offline tutoring, courses, HR services for educational centers. Special collaboration projects with leading e-platforms.

In 2018, Ivan Ivanov founded UVECON, a venture studio, based in Hong Kong and serving in the innovation and technology space. Together with their global partners from Europe and US UVECON is building a unique co-investment and projects sourcing network. Their key value is their reputation and years of experience in the space. As experienced entrepreneurs and investors, they know the pain points of the market.

Digital Week Online

Ivan’s latest project is DigitalWeek.Online, an online Summit that unites tech entrepreneurs, authors, investors, innovators, leading corporates, and key governments.

As Founder of Digital Week Online, Ivan is overseeing that the event is up to the challenge, offering a global cutting edge Digital Transformation programme that highlights the latest trends and issues regarding Society 5.0 - AI, Blockchain, COVID19 Impact, Smart Cities, FinTech, Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Corporate Innovation, Gaming & Entertainment, and more.

As Ivan Ivanov said about the upcoming Digital Week Online: “After two successful events in 2020, Digital Week Online continues gathering the greatest minds and tech leaders all over the world. The expectations are higher than ever: In 2020 we were proud to have 200+ top level speakers, 100+ professional investors and 5000 attendees - innovators, government representatives, accelerators, mentors, tech gurus.

We are expanding the online platform of Digital Week Online with a virtual AI-powered business matching tool that allows you to grow your network during the entire week. You will be able to reach out to the world's best professionals, mentors, investors and innovators.

And proudly announcing a new feature of the 2021 event - the Q&A session. There the attendees will be able to interact with the speakers and get the answers to the most actual questions live.”

About the lineup. “There are 120+ already confirmed speakers, including top world innovators, government representatives, accelerators, mentors, tech gurus that would offer their expertise and insights in building a better narrative for the future.”

Watch the Digital Week Online: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-pw10rI7f_KXFZF5JFVJMg

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