How to get a Job from LinkedIn | 5 KEY BENEFITS | [ 2023 UPDATED GUIDE ] | GS Kumar

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Did you know there were more than 740 million active users on LinkedIn, reported in 2021, out of which 122 million have received business leads or interview calls through this platform?

LinkedIn is the world’s preeminent social network for professionals and LinkedIn Business pages are an incredible way to keep people and communities updated on your brand news, products, services, opportunities and more. If you have always wanted your company to become more authoritative in the industry, then you need to make sure that your company’s online presence on this platform is under your control.

There are 57 million businesses on LinkedIn, but we can help you spotlight your company with a conspicuous LinkedIn page and make it more optimized so that you can attract better candidates, prospects, partners, investors, media enquiries and so much more.

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G.S.Kumar is the Founder and Career Consultant at .With nearly 15+ years of experience working with job seekers and employers, G.S.Kumar and his team help people explore Career Options, Select Career Choices or Change Domains and Help Job Seekers through their Targeted Job Search.

G.S.Kumar, is a former Corporate Recruiter and Hiring Manager for more than 15 years and he knows which types of candidates win and succeed in their job search – and equally why plenty of really talented people don’t get the jobs they seek.

Helps in Full time and remote jobs through Resume based on current hiring trends, Boosting Interview calls from Job portals, LinkedIn Makeover, webinars and coaching.
Before founding in 2016, G.S.Kumar was a Deputy Manager – Talent Acquisition for Manipal Global Education Pvt Ltd., Bangalore. He is a career advisor for college students and alumni network. G.S.Kumar holds an MBA in Human Resources Management & Marketing, is a certified recruiter, and is a member of the National Human Resource Welfare Association (NHRWA)

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