How To Achieve Wealth, Health, and Freedom (Guide)

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In this video, I am going to show you how to attain wealth, health, and freedom. I'll guide you on assessing your current 'rating' in each area of your life and determine if your overall average suggests you should start your online business today!

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0:01 - Intro.
3:36 - Dan's first businesses.
6:18 - Where would I start?
6:43 - Money.
8:37 - Health.
9:35 - Wealth.
10:59 - Happiness.
12:39 - Purpose.
15:16 - Calculating your average.
17:13 - First area's to focus on.
23:05 - Focusing on your health & Dan's story.
25:24 - Detox.
31:36 - Outro.
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Starting your online business, Guide to starting your online business, guide

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