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From Amazon Global, Ketan Bagga, Head SMB Sellers Recruitment, was a part of the discussion. In his presentation, he talked extensively about the opportunities for eCommerce businesses to grow beyond borders, understand exports, and expand their customer base globally.

His key deliverables included the crucial need for sellers to focus on being on multiple marketplaces rather than just one and how with Global Selling a business set up in India can be sold worldwide including the USA, Japan, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

Amazon currently enables businesses to work with 13 marketplaces worldwide including 6 marketplaces in Europe, 3 in the USA, and others in Japan, Singapore, etc.

With Global Selling, sellers, retailers, and all of the eCommerce businesses can reach out to customers other than India who are already on the Amazon platform. Sales all around the world vary and with Global Selling, businesses can capitalize more than ever.

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