Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Engage With Your Customers In Personalized Way & Get Huge Conversions

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Facebook Messenger Chatbots extremely help eCommerce businesses to drive huge customer engagement and conversions in their online businesses. Conversational marketing is presently the speediest way to get your customers through your sales funnel. It’s a personalized and directly communicative approach to listen to customer needs, strengthen customer relationships and lead generation, drive engagement and conversions, develop and retain customer loyalty, and increase revenue rates.

Try out working on Chatbot Builder for free:

It is providing a high degree of help to businesses in modifying customer service processes, understanding customers better than before, fastening business processes, strengthening customer relationships, and making every task fully automated. By presenting this video, we’re introducing….

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, that’s empowering conversational marketing. It levels up customer services and results in higher conversions.

What makes BotMyWork Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger unique?
1. Better Open rates
2. Personalized Experience
3. Ready to Customize
4. Lead nurturing and increased lead conversions

Moreover, you can-
1. Get your own FAQ bot
2. Send Broadcast messages to subscribers
3. Overtake chatbot conversation
4. Collect and analyze customer data

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to reshape your business strategy.
Whatever your business type is- E-commerce, Restaurant, Real Estate or any other. Messenger bot, that open-source bot framework will help you achieve it any time.

Get Product (Chatbot Builder) Guide- http://bit.ly/2MqDpwz
To know more about us, visit- https://botmywork.com
For any queries and doubts, reach us anytime at- support@botmywork.com
To try the working of our chatbot builder for free visit- https://apps.botmywork.com/chatbot-builder/signup

Do subscribe to our Youtube channel, As we will soon be back with more interesting videos on how chatbot builder works? How to set chatbot conversions and get conversions with chatbots.

To keep getting regular updates, follow us on:
Twitter- https://twitter.com/@botmywork
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Team BotMyWork

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