EXPERT ROUND-UP Session With Atif & Mina Elias On Amazon PPC Strategies For 2021

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Hi Ecians,
I am sure all of you want to learn about Amazon and Unique PPC Strategies that move the needle forward?? so let's tighten up your seatbelts.
Let me introduce Mr. MINA ELIAS.
He is an Amazon PPC expert and multiple seven-figure seller in supplement industry, investor, Amazon PPC expert and founder of the PPC university.Mina Elias is here Thursday, 4th March on Expert Round-UP Podcast. He is going to share with us tips in surviving a competitive niche and share his expertise in PPC to crush the competition on Amazon

Mina excels at developing cutting edge supplements for different target audiences and combines his passion for supplements, his background in chemical engineering and chemistry, and his expertise in PPC to crush the competition on Amazon.

What you're going to learn out of this session.
1 - Advanced PPC Tricks andTechniques.
2 - How to reduce ACOS while increasing ROAS.
3- How a well-optimized campaign can be arranged.
4 - What bidding strategy should I use for a new product launch.

He has plenty of knowledge bombs to drop so let's stay tuned for the upcoming session.
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