eCommerce Marketing: Google Shopping Campaign Tips

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eCommerce Marketing: Google Shopping Campaign Tips

1. Optimized Product Titles and Descriptions
- The more data within your product feed the better. Make sure you have all required attributes filled out depending on the product you're running for. Ex. Clothing - age, gender, color, size, ect.

2. High-quality, product-first visuals. Help your product stand out in ads.

3. Free and Fast Shipping - Finding a way to include that cost elsewhere and fulfill orders quickly.

4. Have at least 2 out of 3 product identifiers within your product feed (Brand, MPN, and/or GTIN's) GTIN's - Global Trade Item Number - If available - Custom products probably won't have these. Info on how to find a GTIN -

- Value of a GTIN - This specific number helps us make your ad or unpaid listing richer and easier for your customers to find.
- More info on the value of GTIN's'-

5. Promotions - If you can get one we can include in our ads. Example:

6. Optimize Your Merchant Center Account and look for opportunities within the Manage Programs section to take advantge of.

Examples of programs we should take advantage of:

Product Ratings
- Aggregator Options: Yotpo, Trustpilot, See full list here:
- Info on Product Reviews -

Customer Reviews
- Info on Customer Reviews -

Free Product Listings
- Show you products for free on Google -

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