An Idiot Entrepreneur's Advice After 25,000 Customers

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I've been running for 10+ years (I say this for context not as spam) and suck at a lot of aspects of the business. One things I have gained experience on is customer service because we have miraculously attracted / been lucky to have over 25,000 customers.

People have helped me a lot. So I wanted to share what I do and maybe it will work for you.

READ THIS BOOK - "Zingerman's Guide to Giving Great Service" - Everything in there works.

THE TWO STEP PROCESS TO STAYING SANE AS A BUSINESS OWNER - If someone has an issue with an order ask them one question:
"I'm sorry, how can we fix this for you?"

90% of the time people just want to be heard and are very pleasant and tell you what they need.

If they are not pleasant or want money REFUND THEM IN FULL Immediately.

In 2023 certain people are willing to die on a hill to get a refund, they'll send 25 emails, 3,000 word essays, they'll cheat, they will say the most vile inconsiderate things you've ever heard to get their way.


Business is a game of positivity and energy. As an entrepreneur and small business owner you have to quickly and swiftly stamp out negativity. Just hit refund. Don't waste the hours, don't bring it home and complain about it to your family, just hit refund and focus on getting your next great customer or treating an existing one well.

You are not a bad person, they are probably not a bad person. People often have tough things going on in their lives (divorce, they just burnt dinner, their favorite TV show just got cancelled ect.) and they channel it into the flight attendant, or grocery store clerk or you the customer service rep.

Be fair, be honest but understand certain people's money is not worth their bullsh*t.

Thank you!
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