Amazon Success Secrets: Navigating E-commerce with Mike Begg

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In this episode of the D2Z Podcast, Brandon Amoroso speaks with Mike Begg, founder and CEO of AMZ Advisors, to uncover the latest trends shaping e-commerce on Amazon. They discuss the challenges and opportunities of launching brands on the platform, strategies to build strong client relationships, and how to leverage diverse traffic channels for long-term success. Tune in to learn the essential tactics for thriving in today's competitive Amazon ecosystem while getting a sneak peek at future trends in off-platform advertising and live-stream shopping.

????️ Mike Begg's Background & Journey into E-commerce (00:00:00)
???? Challenges of Building an Agency (00:03:00)
???? Relocating to Mexico (00:06:38)
???? Client Profile & Sweet Spot (00:08:16)
⚖️ Positive and Negative Changes on Amazon (00:11:42)
????️ Intellectual Property & Supply Chain Challenges (00:14:16)
⭐ Gaining Initial Reviews for New Brands (00:17:13)
???? Media Buying On and Off Amazon (00:19:15)
???? Launching a Brand on Amazon in 2024 (00:20:53)
???? Growth Prospects for Amazon (00:23:02)
???? Reducing AWS Costs via Investor Credits (00:26:07)
???? Contact Information & Closing Thoughts (00:27:09)

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