10 Ways to Grow Any Business With Amazon | Amazon FBA | The Zon Factor

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10 ways to grow any business with amazon
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This was a speaking engagement in Vancouver 2017 at an ecommerce event presented by Tammy Duchow, author of The Zon Factor - 10 ways to grow any business with the Power of Amazon.

Although a few things have been updated there is still loads of great information in this presentation one can use to implement in their present online or offline business or service to harness the power of Amazon's 600 Million monthly visitors on the Amazon.com marketplace.

The key is to create a presence on this platform in one or all of these ways to drive more traffic to your business, product or service.

Tammy Duchow is an established multiple 8-figure earner on the Amazon platform. Over her 20 years in the ecommerce field, Tammy has helped to grow several recognizable Fortune 500 brands and grew her own private label brand, endorsed by Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington and As Seen On TV. She now enjoys inspiring others and teaching them to do the same through speaking engagements, books, courses and social media.

02:00 Product Types on the Amazon Platform
02:50 Categories of products on Amazon - did you know they sell cars?
03:00 Different Portals to upload products
04:25 Tammy's Background and Story
05:05 Private Label Product Endorsed by Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington and AS SEEN ON TV
06:36 Jeff Bezos Quote
07:53 Why Amazon is the perfect place to grow your small business
12:00 How to get listed on Amazon
14:42 Amazon Associates explained / Amazon affiliate program
16:49 Amazon Home Services - local plumber gets referred by Amazon case study
18:08 Get published on Amazon
19:58 Amazon Digital Platform (Note _ this program has since been discontinued)
22:46 Amazon Alexa Skills - voice automated commands to lead to your business
25:55 Case Studies of different businesses implementing at least 5 ways to grow on Amazon
25:56 Electrician case study
27:00 Restaurant case study
27:55 Charity 501c3 Charity Case Study, MULLY
29:10 eCommerce Case Study
30:57 Amazon Agency Case Study
32:05 Amazon Advertising
32:36 What to sell on Amazon - learn what customers are searching for and how to find products to sell and meet their demand
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