Magento vs WordPress – What’s the Difference? (eCommerce Stores) for Selling Online

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Magento vs WordPress – What’s the Difference? (Pros and Cons) (eCommerce Stores) for Selling Online: Are you planning to start an eCommerce store, but do not know which platform to choose between Magento and WordPress? Then, you are at the right place. Both CMS allows you to run your own ecommerce store to sell online.

While both are hosting platforms and are sturdy in their own ways, they do have some differences, making them suitable for a particular blend of resources, objectives and infrastructure needs.

This video will compare Magento vs WordPress and then also explain their differences with reference to their pros and cons

Enjoy the Video.

00:00 Intro Magento vs WordPress
00:18 What is Magento? (Pros and Cons)
03:03 What is WordPress? (Pros and Cons)
05:21 Ease Of Use
06:02 eCommerce
06:33 Marketing & Content Management
07:00 Theme & Design Customization
07:40 SEO
08:05 Pricing
08:53 Outro Magento vs WordPress for selling online


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