I Tried Andrew Tate’s The Real World With $49 And THIS Happened!

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In today’s video, I’m going to be joining Andrew Tate’s the real world with just $50, and I’m only gonna show you realistic results. Since andrew tate’s the real world costs $49.99, that only leaves me with a budget of 1 cent, which I think should be enough to make me rich. In addition, I’m also going to be joining Andrew Tate’s the war room which costs $7,979. The way that I’m gonna come up with that $7,979 for andrew tate’s the war room is by using money that I make from the real world, therefore, staying within our initial 1 cent budget. And also, I’m gonna be sharing my fitness journey using workouts and meal plans that I got from the real world’s fitness campus. So if you want to see all of that, make sure you stick around until the end of the video, because who knows? I might even have some more surprises for you. By the way if you guys want to join the real world, I’m gonna leave the official link for that at the top of the description of this video, so make sure you check it out!

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