How to Manage & Run a 250+ Employee Business Entirely Remote⎜No Limit Creatives⎜EP 70

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Ryan Cramer of PingPong Payments talks with Jeff Minnichbach of No Limit Creatives, about how to manage and run a 250+ employee business entirely remote. They also cover what's popular with ad creatives for social media and eCommerce.
About Jeff Minnichbach and No Limit Creatives:
Jeff has been a self-employed designer for over 15 years. He has worked on projects for companies like TRUECar, McAfee, Pluto TV (Viacom), Christie Brinkley Skincare and more and became well known in the marketing industry for his specialty in social media ad creatives. In 2018, he launched No Limit Creatives, a subscription based design service that offers businesses of all sizes graphic and video designs for one flat monthly rate. In just two short years, he was employing over 250 employees & contractors across 30 countries and runs the entire operation from home. Everyone he employs works from their own remote location and has never set foot in a brick & mortar location. Jeff has helped thousands of companies increase their revenue and improve their reputation through high quality custom creatives that serve a purpose and tell a story.
About PingPong Payments:
PingPong provides marketplace sellers and entrepreneurs global solutions for controlling their domestic and international funds. A PingPong account enables companies to significantly reduce their costs when receiving or making international payments - all on a platform that helps increase operational efficiencies, saves time and allows sellers to manage their business profits from a single source.
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