Facebook Ads Creative Kink ???? The Ultimate Creative Strategy for E-Commerce Businesses!

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How many times do you as an e-commerce business owner go to the ads library, look at your competitor's ads, and then try to run a similar and better ad/offer like that to counter them?

???? Is this strategy sustainable?
???? Does this strategy make you authentic?
???? Does it give you ad assets that you can scale to multiple figures?


It only makes you a participant in the rat race to the bottom.

Your Facebook marketing needs a clear creative strategy, now more than ever. Facebook has become heavily creative reliant and its artificial intelligence mechanism has become smarter to build its own audience for an ad creative and show it to them for getting the best possible results.

Each of your Facebook ad creatives must address one of the three emotions:
???? Relatability
???? Desire
???? Trust

These are the three prime emotions that drive buying behavior and build affinity with customers.

You can increase relatability by using User Generated Content ads. There are a number of creators who help e-commerce brands in generating UGC.

To create desire in your customers for your products you can use influencers. Seeing their favorite influencer using your products instantly makes them want it.

Trust is built by social proof. As @AlexHormozi says - "To sell something really well, you need an undeniable stack of proof of achieving what you promise!"

Just evoking these three emotions is not enough - You need to trigger them at the right touchpoints.

As you know being a business owner, there are three key touchpoints in the digital journey of your customer -
???????? Completely cold audience
???????? Warm audience not converted
???????? Existing customer

You can use each of these touchpoints to trigger different emotions as follows:

Completely cold audience
???????? Use influencer ads to create desire & affinity

Warm audience not converted
???????? Use UGC and Testimonaisl to win trust

Existing customer
???????? Upsell similar products with UGC & Testimonials

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