???? FluxStore supports YITH Store Locator for WooCommerce (Flutter E-Commerce App)

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Enable a store locator on your website and allow your customers to easily reach your points of sale on your Mobile App by getting directions in real time and based on their current position.
✅ Supported this plugin: YITH Store Locator for WordPress & WooCommerce https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-store-locator-wordpress
✅ Available on the next version (15th March 2024) of the FluxStore WooCommerce app https://1.envato.market/QL4d9 and FluxStore Multi Vendors app https://1.envato.market/NW4q1
✅ With the extended license.

All available stores are displayed to users.
To find the nearest stores, users enter their address.
Fluxstore provides support for displaying the store locations on maps.
Additionally, users have the option to limit the search radius or distance to find stores within a specific area.
By clicking on a store, users can access the full range of products offered by that specific store, and proceed with making a purchase.

More details:
- In the App source code, add “storeLocator“ into "TabBar" https://tppr.me/bm1Cl3
- Install this plugin on WooCommerce website: YITH Store Locator for WordPress & WooCommerce https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-store-locator-wordpress

???? If you have a website/backend, you can use our FluxStore app to build your own app (your logo, white-label, native app) on both iOS and Android with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities https://1.envato.market/mKdNe

If you do not have a Website, you can use our Free pre-config Woocommerce website: https://github.com/inspireui/mstore

???? Full source code. Ability to upgrade your App’s UI without re-publishing Lifetime & Free. We provide Free translate service for your languages.

???? Without purchase, you can view a demo App of your Website with the drag&drop FluxBuilder https://fluxbuilder.com for Free ????
→ Edit your App's UI by drag&drop
→ Build a Test APK (or Test iOS) to view how your App’s UI looks.
(Please don't test the App's Features. It may not work because API is not installed.).
Quick guide: https://docs.fluxbuilder.com

???? Showcase: many of our clients' businesses have successfully released their mobile apps based on FluxStore & FluxBuilder
→ Youtube: https://bit.ly/45ZSHOb
→ Showcase: https://fluxbuilder.com/showcase

???? Contact hi@inspireui.com for more discussion and cooperation. We would like to contribute more and more to your business.
→ Product's site: https://fluxstore.app
→ Products' market: https://1.envato.market/mKdNe
→ App Builder: https://fluxbuilder.com
→ Our website: https://inspireui.com
→ Facebook (join): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1401824449973438

???? Other tutorials & support videos may be helpful for you:
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Thank you for watching, we are looking forward to serving you!
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